Do Nice Guys Finish Fast

My wife sent me a link to an article about why nice guys are unappealing to women. It’s pretty good – see: Dating Secret Exposed: Why Nice Guys Finish Last on Yahoo. Of course, you’re not dating your wife – you’re married to her, but the principals still apply – she is still a woman and she desires a real man.

Now: here I am saying you should love and serve your wife selflessly to increase her libido. So it sounds like this blog is about how to be super, super nice and attentive and eager to please. This is exactly what the article says not to do! But in fact, this blog is not about being too nice – it is not about gushing over your wife. It is about loving her and serving her for the best interest of the family and your marriage.

How do you love and serve your wife without her thinking you are putting her on a pedestal? Without gushing and seeming weak? You do it with confidence. You do it because you WANT to and NOT because you NEED to. If you need your wife, you are not going to attract her. If you WANT your wife, she will love it.

The difference? Be nice but be strong. Stand up for yourself. Do not be afraid to stand up for your rights and your feelings. Do it with stern strength, yet in an adult manner. No name calling – no screaming – no fits. Be an adult. Be a man. The Yahoo article says to value and respect yourself – very sound advice.

If you feel insecure at times, it’s ok, it happens – but don’t cling to her – don’t let it show as insecurity. If it’s something she is doing wrong or unfair to you, talk to her and tell her that you don’t like it. Tell her you want her to stop it. Tell her you want her to respect your feelings as you respect hers. Do it with confidence. Stick up for yourself.

Women hate clingy men. If you give her some space, and just enjoy yourself (still doing some nice things, but not seeking validation for it), she will come back to you. Why – because she will be attracted to your strength – and you will be doing things out of want, not need.

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I asked my wife if I was too nice (and trust me: I do a lot of nice things for her). She said no. Why? She said it was because I was confident and strong. She said I do nice things with confidence. I don’t need to do nice things – I want to do nice things because I like to. I do not need her to validate me, I am validated internally (that’s what I show, but sometimes… you know…).

So – do you want to be attractive to her? Do you want her to want you? Don’t need her; WANT her. Be strong, stick up for yourself, be confident. And keep loving and serving her. She’ll desire you more than ever.

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